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Supply Handheld TL-563 Fiber optic power Meter Laser Light Source and 1-30MW Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator Without Li-ion battery


High sensitivity, large dynamic range

Common interface design: FC/SC/ST interface, the standard FC, SC, adapter interface

Miniature casing protection design, compact and easy, falling to prevent accidental damage to the instrument detector.

Fast response without preheating

Low voltage display function

Optional automatic shutdown function

Optional automatic shutdown backlight function

New users since the calibration function Logarithmic power (dBm) and linear power (xW) measurement

Big screen and LED backlit display



Standard configuration list:

1, a power meter red light machine Taiwan

2, a package of Oxford

3, AA two AA alkaline batteries

4, FC interface to a power meter

5, SC interface to a power meter

6, a red light in adapter FC

7, a description

8, a box

PM plus red light machine (using a circular laser spot), red multimeter, Combo Fiber Tester

 A type (-70 to + 8 for telecommunications users)

Product Features

- Users can self-calibration (without PC), but also to restore factory calibration values;

- Automatic shutdown function can be set;

- You can set the reference value, REF relative measurement;

- Real-time display battery charge;

- Steady red light output (constant power control circuit)

- The use of interchangeable optical port interfaces with FC, SC chief, more accurate measurement;

-18650 lithium battery, low power design, long time;

- Rubber shell, increase protection performance, suitable for field work

product description

TL-563 series portable optical multimeter, also known as optical multimeter, a power meter, red light into one of the assembly, both PM and red light can be used simultaneously, it can also be used alone.

Wherein the optical power module has 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm 6 wavelength calibration points. Can display linear and nonlinear optical power, both for the direct measurement of optical power can also be used for relative measurement of optical link loss.

650nm visible red laser light source module provides outputs for single-mode or multimode fiber measurements, they emit red light emitted from the optical fiber can be bent more serious position and the cover layer breakpoint or bare fiber, or you can connect from bad injection of joints, therefore, to identify light jumper, patch panels, patch panels, joints failure.

The instrument has a rugged, small size, light weight, portable and low power consumption, large LCD display makes measurements easier and faster. Cable television systems, optical fiber communications and other fields of construction and maintenance of essential equipment.


Power measurement range dBm Type A: -70 ~ + 10 

Wavelength measurement range nm: 800 ~ 1700

Calibration Wavelength nm: 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625

Probe type: InGaAs

Accuracy: <± 3% (-10dBm, 22)

Display Resolution dB

Linear Display: 0.1%, and the number of display: 0.01dBm

Working temperature: -10 ~ + 50

Storage temperature: -20 ~ + 70

Relative Humidity: 90% (+ 30), non-condensing

Optical interface: FC, SC (ST LC optional)

Power supply: 18650 lithium battery Can be recharged

Battery continuous operation time h: 220 hours (power light work only)

Auto power off time min: 10

Weight g: 450

Dimensions mm: 158 × 82 × 29

Red light (optional feature)

Wavelength 650nm, power 1 / 10/20/30mw optional output 0HZ, 2HZ