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Product nameFiber Opitc Joint ClosureIP RateIP68
Product ModelFCBD-48-B2Product size330*140*70 mm
Ports2 inlet port / 2 out portPacking Quantity


54*36*41cm 20kg

Max Core

24F/tray, max capacity 48(2 trays)

Installation TypeHorizontalG. weight1.25kg
Key Features:

1.Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber.
2.Fully kitted with all parts for convenient operation.
3.Overlap structure in splicing tray for easy installation.
4.Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm.
5.Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench.
6.Excellent Anti-removable Screw Opening Type to protect fiber and splice ensuring durability.
7.Stand up to severe condition of moisture,vibration and extreme temperatures.